Medieval Mace Flail

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The difference between pepper spray and mace

Many people have asked me if there is a difference between pepper spray and mace. The answer is yes. Mace is very much like tear gas and will vaporize whereas pepper spray is in fact a liquid.

Mace is a man made chemical and pepper spray derives from exactly that, peppers. Both illicit a burning sensation of the membranes (eyes, throat, nose and lungs). Mace’s effects take longer to dissipate then pepper spray.

Pepper spray’s effects can be felt more rapidly. Usually within 3-5 seconds whereas Mace can take up to 30 seconds to begin illiciting a response.

Mace is often used as a general term to describe all self defense sprays but it is also a brand name of Mace Security International. This company now makes a wide array of pepper sprays however. Both mace and pepper spray can be highly effective self defense products.

Hopefully this will clear some things up. Stay safe.

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