Mediterrean Blue Knife

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Complete Information on Natural and Rare Blue Diamonds

How can one forget the blue diamond necklace that Kate Winslet (Rose) wore in the movie Titanic? This necklace had captured the imagination of every romantic person in the world. Blue diamonds are natural, genuine which are permanently treated to obtain their natural color. This diamond is very rare when naturally occurring, however it is cultured synthetically so that it is possible to purchase easily. Diamonds have a long history which dates back over 2000 years and this makes it the most prized stone in the world. Since diamond is very rare, this makes its price impossible to predict. The most famous is the Hope Diamond which weighs around whopping 44.5 carats. Most of the colored diamonds, available in the market are enhanced or synthetic symbolizing that the natural diamonds undergo a process. This process applies heating and irradiation and permanently alters the surface color of these diamonds.

What makes a diamond blue?

The elements boron and hydrogen create the color in blue diamonds. During the formation process of diamonds, the surrounding minerals get trapped and thereby they alter the color of the stone. Hydrogen is accountable for exceptionally seen gray-blue shade while Boron creates shades of paler blue and deep navy.

Association between rarity and color

The diamonds of various colors are more prized and the price increases as the color gets deeper. Therefore the light blue diamond is not much valuable than the diamond with deeper shade of this color. Light colored diamonds are rare but the deeper shades are rarest and consequently more valuable. This proves that the value of stone depends on its rarity. It is because of this reason that it is difficult to generate a monetary value for them. Historically the blue colored diamonds have commanded immense amount of money.

Eight kinds of blue colored diamonds

• The Hope Diamond

• The Mouawad Blue/The Terschenko Diamond

• The Sultan of Morocco

• The Wittelsbach Diamond

• The Blue Heart

• The Heart of Eternity Diamond

• The Blue Lili Diamond

• The Blue Magic Diamond

How to choose the blue colored diamonds?

Evaluate a diamond for color and select a fancy blue which expresses consistent color and brightness across its complete surface. Then ask the dealer to show the diamond in various light settings. Compare the shapes of various cuts of blue colored diamonds to ascertain which shall suit your purpose. Square or round facet cuts mirror light much differently than that reflected by the rectangular emerald cut diamonds. Evaluate the jewelry pieces or loose stones and decide keeping in mind the clarity factor. It is transparent, blue brilliance of the diamond which will determine its value.

Like other diamonds, the blue diamond is also evaluated with something called the Four C’s. These four C’s are color, clarity, carat and cut. Blue diamonds are now days much in demand and they can be embedded in diamond rings, necklaces or any other jewelry. Besides this they add to the personality of the individual as they symbolize wisdom, truth and loyalty.

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