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Mike Dillard Launches His MLM Traffic Formula 2 Masterpiece

The first MLM Traffic Formula changed an industry, the second promises to deliver even more impact in an industry that looks set to explode in the coming few years.

With Forbes magazine predicting around 79 million people in the USA alone will look to start a home based business in the next three years, and the involvement of personal finance experts Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump within the industry itself, it looks like Mike Dillard’s launch of MLM Traffic Formula 2 could not be better timed.

Over the last few years he has continued to help hundreds and thousands of network marketers succeed in firing their boss with products such as magnetic Sponsoring, Black Belt Recruiting and Pay Per Click Domination, but the one product that literally changed an industry is now fully updated with all the latest Traffic Formula Secrets that are the only ones designed to be industry specific.

Mike Dillard is renowned for providing phenomenal value to his customers, giving them an opportunity to brand themselves under his famous phrasing “You Inc.” A self made multi-millionaire himself, he knows alls the problems that network marketers face in today’s market and provides solutions within his value packed products.

When asked why he felt it necessary to update the already successful Traffic Formula 1, Mike said “Everyone’s always wondered how a 20-something year old kid went from waiting table to 7- figures in less than 18 months, and now I’d like to share my Traffic Formula with you at no extra cost in this free 36 minute training video.”

Anyone who is serious about building a network marketing business in today’s fast moving climate will want to have the guidance of a successful mentor like Mike to either start them off on the right foot or provide guidance to struggling network marketers around the world, the early birds will catch the bird on this one at a discounted price but only for a short time

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