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Whether James will attend the slam dunk big game to be able to cause the media and fan's enormous at

Whether James will attend the slam dunk big game to be able to cause the media and fan's enormous attention, in this year is so. The season carries on so far, the storm buckles has become NBA (micro abundantly) suddenly the biggest topic, has James to fly over Lucas three th first, latter has Griffing Yan Koupa Jinsi. Then James whether
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to have the interest to measure strength again at the slam dunk big game with Griffing? Regarding this emperor has not rejected, he indicated that can hold waits and sees the condition, in accordance with the situation decides. Since James in 2003 has coalized, the outside already anticipated that he can attend the slam dunk big game, as soon as sees emperor's elegant demeanor.

But each year, James let the fan be disappointed. But zai guoqu ji tian li, James and Griffing have completed the startled day storm buckle successively, caused the slam dunk to become the media and the fan all of a sudden most craves discussion's topic. Even if James, Griffing's slam dunk past two days later, still was also discussing that exciting one. James acknowledged that he looked at playbacking which
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many Griffing storms buckle, and before comparing that to record the slam dunk. “I and Griffing's slam dunk, has the difference. If you watch the ball game in the scene, you needed to regard broadcast can see clearly I to make anything.”James said that “then you will voice such opinions, `, ha, what he really will be flies the match to complete meets spatially. '” But regarding Griffing's storm buckle, James acknowledged that has in a big way shocks the feeling. “I at home saw Griffing's storm buckle. When you see this, your instinct in the first time will exclaim in surprise that `under that kind of resistance, how Griffing is will achieve? How does he is throw the ball the basket? '” James said that “, therefore, my that records the slam dunk to need to look at playbacking, you will only then realize me to make anything. But Griffing, you are completely the instinct voice `ha depends ' the opinions.”

CBA welcomes the 28th round (micro abundantly) tonight competition, the Zhejiang men's basketball team assumes personal command the main floor to meet head-on the Qingdao men's basketball team (micro abundantly). In JR Smith (micro abundant) and a Hadesen wind divides in the war, the Smith entire audience hits 14 records
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three points to chop the next 60 points, leads the Zhejiang men's basketball team by 122-110 to defeat the Qingdao men's basketball team. Individual score aspect, JR the Smith entire audience hits 14 three-pointers, chops the next 60 points, meanwhile has 8 backboards; Zhejiang other members, Zhang Chunjun 18 points, Bunn 18 point 11 backboard, Ding Jinhui 12 points. The Qingdao aspect altogether has five people to score points the pair, a Hadesen 39 point 7 backboard, the Cai bright 13 points, a Sonne 10 point 11 backboard, the Li root 17 points, the Orde outstanding 16 points 13 backboards. Two teams have at present attack the first eight hopes, in fights for the playoff; Both sides altogether fight in the CBA history 7 times, the Zhejiang men's basketball team 4 win 3 defeats slightly are in the upper hand; This season both sides first time fights, the Qingdao men's basketball team main floor 1 point wins narrowly.

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