Myouou Katana Sword

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The Review of KATANA SWORD SNIPER Fairway Wood

AVAILABLE NOW! The new KATANA SWORD SNIPER Fairway Wood is different from other fairway woods. It was designed to offset the goose neck (Gurippunekku) in the head, all count is ready without feeling, moreover, is significantly up Mari Tsuka, high trajectory lose to strong wind.

Spread the power of one hundred percent membership with KATANA SWORD SNIPER Fairway Wood, ball initial velocity generated unprecedented. In order to really speak to convey to the sphere inertia to improve the rebound coefficient, using the effective hitting point-to-date 3 Face 3-layer structure with different thickness.

The high rebound past KATANA SWORD SNIPER Fairway Wood to hit the ball surface in the head by the main part of the laser to make the thinnest design combined to create the ultimate flexibility in bending Face.

In order to reduce the elastic deformation force is not under the premise of increasing the durability of the beating, while the re-build connections between subjects with the head structure.

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