Navajo Doris Yazzie

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How Good Does Navajo Bear Kachina Doll Is?

Through the ancient time particular in Indian, there are a lot of prominent types of artworks then one with this will be the Kachina Dolls. It's really a form of masked and costumed Native Indian dancers who represented various spiritual and natural components of life are classified as Kachinas.Spirits could represent various kinds of people including clowns, singers, warriors and also wood carriers. Various wildlife or animals including eagles, bears, buffalos, deer, owls, butterflies and badgers are often represented. You can find Kachinas for that sun, moon, stars, earth and also different crops including squash.Navajo Bear Kachina is probably the example creations of Kachina doll. It is represent the Bear is a good and powerful leader who possesses spiritual strength used to protect and cure the sick. The Bear Kachina symbolizes courage, wisdom and healing.There's a Kachina spirit for each purpose and in fact, you will find over 900 documented Kachinas in history. Kachinas are thought guardians or messengers for the Gods. Oddly enough, dancers in the tribes are usually male even when a female Kachina is impersonated in the performance.Southwest Native Indian tribes like the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi, made Kachina dolls to be used in religious ceremonies. The carved Kachina doll like Bear Kachina was also used like a teaching tool. Exactly what the spirits taught the elders with the tribes were then taught for the others with the representations inside the Kachina dolls.Kachina dolls were originally given to women and kids of the tribes as gifts but down the road, they were created for everyone's enjoyment. Kachina dolls are one of the major artistic representations right up there together with rugs, jewelry and pottery in Southwest Native Indian art.Common sizes for Kachina dolls range from several inches to around 20 inches tall. You can locate fairly easily smaller dolls which are often priced under $100 but a big Kachina doll created by a well known name artist could easily be priced at thousands of dollars. This kind of doll is a much sought after and highly prized piece of artwork by collectors of Southwest Indian art.Original high end Kachinas are often signed by the artist and come by incorporating type of documentation certifying its authenticity. Collectors should seek out only reputable sellers of Kachina dolls to make sure Native made artwork.The Bear Kachina symbolizes courage, wisdom and healing. It is a great and powerful leader who possesses spiritual strength utilized to protect and cure the sick. Shown in brown, this Kachina might also can be found in black or white fur. Approximately 10" tall. Non-removable Mask.

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