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Set Time Limit for Your Online Quiz

  With the popularity of Flash quiz, more features and functions are added to quiz maker. Time limit is one important property of quiz settings. It enables users to set time for the entire test and also for the individual question, so that the test gets a strict time limitation and a good guarantee of the fairness in the process of taking a quiz. Users can set time limit for the whole test; thus all the participants must finish the quiz in due time. If it is out of time, quiz takers can't answer the question any more. Compared with this function, the time limit for each question seems to make the quiz more efficient in time control. People are also able to set different time limit for each question. Users can adopt this function in several situations like the following ones . 1. Avoid cheating . Once the quiz publisher adds proper time limit to each question, the participants will get no extra time to cheat through searching internet or books for answers. Quiz participants would probably just get enough time to take the quiz by themselves, so the fairness can be comparatively well guaranteed. 2. Make strict time-limit questions. Some tests require the strict time limit in parts of the questions such as the part called "Fast Reading" in language test. Thus it is necessary to set the time limit for each question in the quiz. Also because of the powerful time control, time limit can add more fun to quiz game. To save testing time, it is also necessary to set different time limit for the questions according to the level of difficulty. There are various uses of the quiz with time limit for each question. To make this function well served, users need to pay attention to some details: 1. Set proper time limit . Never set the time too short or too long. If it is too short, the quiz takers may not get enough time to answer the question and feel nervous; if too long, the setting of time limit for each question is meaningless at last. Before making the time limit, users are supposed to set the clear purpose of the quiz, evaluate the questions, and also know more about the basic feature of target participants. 2. Offer time limitation instruction clearly to participants. The quiz with time limit for each question has the strict constraint on time. If the participants overlook or don't know that, they may not finish the quiz in time, and it can result in a failure in test. Users can use the function called " blank page " to add the time limitation instruction for the quiz. Quiz makers are easy to find in the market. There are online Webs and also the standalone software can help you to create quizzes, but few can support the time limit for each question well. The following quiz maker software are worth trying: QuizCreator and articulate QuizMaker.

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