Ocean Blue Pearl

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Society of the perfect wedding arrangement bridal fashion color rules

A lot of people like to use their favorite colors to decorate the wedding
, but it's not like there will be good results. Preferred, relatively soft color as the arrangement of wedding venues, such as beige, light pink, lavender.

2, the color of the wedding can not be more than three, or will people feel very chaotic.

3 calm colors + soft color is more suitable for Asian weddings choice.

4 white cloth can be widely used because wild, no matter what kind of flowers are put to good-looking.

Traditional bride

The most direct use of color you are most suitable for traditional, while the complementary color to eliminate the boring wedding, so that the atmosphere has become more leisurely.

Best match: chocolate brown + white + light green & traditional lilac color

Crisp-type bride

Two bold colors and a calm and bright background color of the best type for you, the wedding will be very lively!

Suggestion: chestnut brown color + black sesame seeds + Silver + Blue

Avant-garde type of bride

If your wedding
is not strange if the colors run out! Together a variety of bright colors and color that best suits your noisy, avant-garde enough you do not dare to wedding "brush" was colorful and it

Bold ideas: bright orange bright yellow + silver

Outdoor wedding:

Soothing blue - Romantic

Eye-catching silver - beautiful

Turquoise - Adventure

Indoor Wedding:

Chocolate - sexy

Violet - East West

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