Old Black Zix

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Kings black dresses and collars.........

Apart of black dresses, the ruff was an invention of a tailor born in Madrid to the year 1623. It replaces the high collars of past trends. It was somehow curled up.

Symbol of elegance

The Spanish black dresses had meaning for all of Europe from the mid-sixteenth century to the middle of next century, a symbol of elegance and perfection in design and manufacture, which, however, puts the body structure as rigid as their standards of behavior. After a while, Paris starts to become the epicenter of art, culture and fashion of course, argues that the gallantry of the Spanish, reflected in his attire, began to feel like conceit and deceit. Also criticizes the religious dress seems more characteristic of civil society and considers, finally, as part of an aesthetic of contradiction, to preach austerity and produce excess magnanimous in all aspects of the representation of the body.

Dynastic dress

Continuing this process of discrediting the Spanish dynastic dress, the Sun King, will be the first monarch to experience the luxuries of a newly created couture own court of Versailles, by displaying garments designed and made exclusively for him by experts with the best genres and the best taste. Since that time, consolidates the Parisian fashion throughout Europe whose only exception is Spain, which remains true to its own black dresses creations but only until the beginning of the Enlightenment, when the house of Habsburg is replaced by the house of Bourbon.

Luxury and ostentation: the rule of eighteenth-century dress

Things began to change a bit in every way. While woman still had structured codes, they could opt for different combinations. Thus, starting a new way of dressing the body: it refers to the transformation of the old Spanish body, whose ruff will be discredited in a clandestine manner by the same Philip V, giving way, between "modern critics" to the adoption of French court dress Peninsula.

Textiles facts

Regarding textiles, it should be noted that, since materials that do not come directly from Spain, can only be obtained through smuggling in the Caribbean, or paying inflated rates and trip caused into the viceroyalty or your destination end. Furthermore, the fact that there is much gold in America, increases the cost of
black dresses
fabrics and ornaments, since the value is not the metal itself, but the goods were scarce regularly, or were delayed about three months six months to arrive at the destination.

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