Old Russian Cossack

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Top Ten Signs that You Are Getting Old

1. The kids you used to babysit have their own kids and you’re pretty sure it’s only been a few years since they were wearing diapers. 2. You ignore all that crap on TV and just watch TV Land 24 hours a day. You hanker after the days when everyone on the telly was polite. 3. While clipping coupons, you stop and seriously pause at that "2 for 1" Depends coupon. 4. Youngsters seem to be imtimidating when you walk past them - you think they probably want to steal your purse. 5. You tell people that your memory isn't what it used to be - and find that you can't remember what your memory used to be. 6. You’d rather people forget it’s your birthday so you can pretend another one hasn't come and gone. 7. You're upset at the fact that you just plucked a silver hair. And maybe you’ve made a two column list of reasons for and against dying the gray scattered in your hair, and still can't decide. 8. Gym membership cards or beauty salon cards are a must in your bag. Without them, you will feel upset as if you have lost something invaluable. 9. You say things that old people say like "When I was a lad..." and "Back in my day..." and make it sound really good. To your surprise, when you say that, teenagers always looked at you in confusion. 10. These new fangled things such as internet or even mobile phones are beyond you. And you think a spreadsheet is something that goes on the ground when you're having a picnic. You find it troublesome to send a piece of short message to your friends.

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