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Neck Reining Tricks?

So I'm training a horse to neck rein right now and using an old trick an old timer horse trainer taught me and am loving how well it works. It got me to thinking about other methods of teaching a horse to neck rein. The method i am using is where you take a ring and slip the reins through it behind the bit in fornt of the chest then put your reins (I use split for this) on either side of the horses neck so that when you are in the saddle and holding the reins the ring is sitting right in fornt of the chest. Works wonders on aiding to teach on to neck rein. anyone else got soem old timey tricks like that?
Ok good answers thus far BUT what I am looking for is different lil tricks, like the ring on the reins. I know how to teach them the normal way I'm looking for methods used with horses with quirks that dont want to learn the normal way 😉 But as I said tus far great answers!

Use 1" wide thick leather reins...I've had mine for more years than I can remember...the horse feels them more readily and it takes no time at all to train them to neck rein.

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