Open Mouth Highlander

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Desperate housewives seasons 1-6: Excellent!!

Thanks to a pair of Desperate Housewives, ABC got his first kiss with open mouth of validation in a very long time. Regular half-eaten bull testicles or scalpel for medico-legal series created piqued the curiosity of more than 21 million viewers - the best first season so far on any network, and the best for the affection-starved ABC for 11 years. About all these tubes lovers decide to commit or stand bail after last Sunday’s (October 3, 2004) a night, the ratings of the show first blockbuster suggest a number of things that the public have long aspired to yet no. The fans that night melodrama since the end of Melrose Place, but a bold reorientation of earlier classics Dynasty, Dallas and others. police procedural and the gritty reality competitions have their place, but lacks the substance that makes soap as narcotics: serialized plot, uncompromised artifice, a moral code in black and white and just as nuanced characters (preferably Sparkling evening dresses). Such a kind over-the-top is perfectly suited to today’s pop culture is completely obsessed with irony and camp, experts shows like Best Week Ever constantly obsessed with unintentional humor and nuances, even the meanest, the lowest rate naive in movies, television, music and the tabloids. Plus, with the exception of Sex and the City, it’s been ages since a show centered on a woman has been national attention.

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