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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 VS Black Ops, Who Will Be More Popular?

Publisher Activision Blizzard has expressed confidence that its forthcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops, can emulate the record-breaking performance of its predecessor Modern Warfare 2. Why?

The Call of Duty Series
has given us video games that have combined possibly have sold the most video games ever. The most recent release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 sold the most worldwide in video game history.

Also in November of 2010 a new game Call of Duty Black Ops will be released and with that a new experience for call of duty players. Which will be better though; when The first modern warfare was released it was the most popular one yet, but when Call of duty World at War as released many enjoyed Modern Warfare over World at War. Now the Modern Warfare Games were made by the famous game developer Infinity Ward. The World at war and soon to be released Black Ops were made by the developer TreyArch and though modern warfare was the most popular yet many believe that Black Ops will be better for a variety of reasons.

Problems with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

In video games there are things that shouldn't be there and it is not the developers fault they happen when there is a bug in the programming. These things are called Glitches. In Modern Warfare 2 there were so many you couldn't count them and many are still being found, and also many hacks or programs that make the game do something they don't need to be doing. In the game poeple know about the prestiges and how long it takes to get the camouflage of the guns get all the attachments and reach 10th prestige and with the hacks people get all the way there with thier hard work only to be laughed at by those who cheated.

Help For Some Problems for Others

In the game you can spawn or appear again after you die. In the game standing in the right spot you can kill large amounts of people as soon as they spawn being completely unfair to those spawning, also a problem is Camping. This is when you stay in one spot and let people come to you which while some people work hard to get from point A to point B only to be ended by someone to lazy to move. These actions are extremely excessive in the game.

Improvements for Call of Duty Black Ops

In the new Black Ops Game these problems are said to be reduce greatly and also new innovations in multi-player could make the game even more popular then the global Modern Warfare 2 game. Many things are expected from this game. I think that in my own opinion i will of course purchase Black Ops, but will continue to play modern warfare although i will most likely favor Black Ops due to fairness between each player.

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