Owl Head Abalone

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Wow,the Color Changing LED Shower Head is great.

Wow,the Color Changing LED Shower Head is great.

ABS Plastic LED Handheld Shower Heads
is recommended by one of my friends. At first, I wonder it is the same as the common shower head. But it is great to use it. It is a different experience of my bathtime.

You may haven’t thought that it is easy to install. If you can tie your shoelaces, you can install this gadget! I installed it by myself. Just 5 steps to install.

1.Turning off the water.

2.Remove the old shower head.

3. Prepare the pipe threads.

4.Attach the new shower head.

5.Test the new shower head.

Great for new installations or retrofitting into existing showers, this LED Handheld Shower Heads includes all the necessary mounting hardware so you can have it installed and working in just a few short minutes.

When I use this machine, I needn’t to turn on the light of my bath room. Usually the light provided by the LED shower head is enough to take care of all of my "business" in the shower. It have three colors,such as green, blue and red. Different colors represent different temperature. It changes the colors with the temperature of the water, ensuring you can see exactly what to expect before you let the water sprinkle on your body. It even flashes red if the water is too hot or when it is above 46 deg C. The
3 Color LED Light Shower Head
give the visual signal of the water temperature to you, so you won’t burn yourself.

Instead of using the batteries to light your bath room, it use the water’s pressure to light up the lights. When you house suddenly loss power, you can still enjoy you bath time for the lights come out of the shower head can light up you bath room.You may also wonder that if the colors of the light can change as soon as the water change constantly. Of course, the lights can randomly fade from one color to another or even quickly jumpshow between colors. Once, because I hit the button of hot water(above 46 deg C) carelessly, then the color of the lights change to red at once, or the hot water will burn my skin. At this way, it is quiet safe.

If the shower head of your bath room is in need of replacement and you are looking for a more desirable showering experience, you should consider to find the
LED Dual Shower Heads
at this time. It worth your choice.

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