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Five foods to reduce dark pouches from the eyes

Nowadays, people usually have to work long hours, wake up late and it will become a bad habit if it lasts. For the people they will find they have got a dark pouches which is affect of their appearances. Some foods are helpful to reduce dark pouches from your eyes. Here I will tell you five foods which are useful to reduce dark pouches from your eyes as follows: Eggs Due to rich in high grade protein and which can promote cells regeneration, so eat eggs regularly can increase the intake of protein and have certain effect on alleviate dark pouches. But human daily maximum is balanced with the nutrients two eggs contained, so you should eat eggs not exceed two a day. Some people are used to eat raw eggs, in fact, they are not easy to digest and contain bacteria. So, eat boiled egg is the best. Moreover, meat, poultry and aquatic products are also rich in high grade protein, eat these foods is also helpful to reduce the dark pouches. But the eggs protein composition is the closest to human and the easiest to absorb. Sesame Sesame is rich in vitamin E which has a nourishing effect to eyeball and eye muscle and alleviates dark pouches. Except the sesame, peanuts, walnut, sunflower seeds are also rich in vitamin E. Carrots Except the vitamin E, vitamin A also has this function. Carrots are the best choice to increase the intake of vitamin A. It can maintain the normal function and alleviate dark pouches. In addition, vitamin A contains in carrot also helps to improve eyesight, especially in the darkness. Animal liver, butter, poultry and eggs, alfalfa and apricot also contains vitamin A. Kelp Kelp is rich in iron and the iron is the core of component hemoglobin. Therefore, the supplementary of iron can increase hemoglobin and enhance the transport of oxygen and nutrients in order to reduce dark pouches. So eat kelp regularly, can reduce the dark pouches. Other iron rich foods are animal liver, lean meat, etc. Green tea To the people who use computers regularly can drink green tea to eliminate the dark pouches which caused by computer radiation. Green tea contains concentrated polyphenols, can inhibit free radical to damage the skin sustentacular fibers. Drink decaffeinated green tea is not only eliminate dark pouches, but also help to sleep, not only can settle sleep quality, also make people less of fatigue.. In addition, external application of green tea bag also can have slowed down the dark pouches.

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