Pink Bubba Gum

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Quick and Easy Gum Paste Orchids That Will Wow Your Family

There are estimated to be over 25,000 varieties of orchids. They have been revered for ages, symbolizing fertility, maturity, and everlasting love.

The Aztecs believed that orchids represent power and strength where the Chinese believed that it serves as a remedy for the common cold.

Orchids are also associated with the gift of having many children, perhaps stemming from the Greek history saying that the consumption of the orchid root can control the gender of a child.

As symbols of eternal love and fertility, orchids make a perfect flower for weddings, anniversaries, and expectant mothers. Due to the variety of species and colors available, it is easy to make an orchid that is not only beautiful, but one that can match any occasion.

To make a gum paste orchid, you will need:

gum paste

food coloring

waxed paper


measuring cup

To start, select the colors you would like to use for your orchid. Common colors used are: violet, white, yellow, and pink. Mix food coloring into the gum paste and set aside. Tape down a sheet of waxed paper to your work surface.

Use the top of the measuring cup to cut out three petals for the orchid. Pinch the center of the petals with your fingertips.

Slice one of the petals in half and mount to the bottom of another petal, at the point where it was pinched, forming a triangular shape.

Rest the third petal on top of the other petals horizontally.

For the center of the flower, roll three small balls of gum paste. Pinch them so that one side is thicker than the other. Join them together to form a cup-shape. Rest the cup on top of the petals.

Finally, create a small pyramid of dough to form the center of the orchid. Place in the cup on top of the flower.

Cut out the waxed paper surrounding the orchid an rest your orchid in a bowl. This will give the petals a curved shape.

If you would like to create varied colors on your orchid, you can use a clean paint brush dipped in food coloring. Another option is to grind up non-toxic chalk and brush onto your orchid.

This activity is extremely fun to do with kids to celebrate a special occasion. Recommended ages 10+. Top a cake or cupcake with orchids to welcome a new member to the family or celebrate a graduation.

Sophie Graham is the owner and operator of Cake Decorating With Kids. Her site is a vital resource for those looking to decorate cakes with children. She has been decorating cakes since she was a kid, herself.

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