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Flip Ultra HD VS Kodak Zi8 Compare flip Ultra HD with Kodak Zi8


Compare flip Ultra HD with Kodak Zi8

Many users who are looking into buying an easy and very portable video camcorder may be struggling if they should get a Flip Ultra HD or a Kodak Zi8, because these two camcorders are two of the best HD camcorders on the market and at the same price range.

Now, we are going to give a comparison review of [url=]Flip Ultra HD[/url] and Kodak Zi8 to help you better understand these two products so you can make your choice which one to get.

From the comparison of specifications and the features of
Flip Ulra HD and Kodak Zi8
, we can summarize the following:

1.Kodak Zi8 beats Flip Ultra HD on higher and more flexible resolution, 4x optical zoom, a larger LCD screen, bigger expandable memory, more output formats, the ability to shoot still photos.

Flip Ultra HD
has a better brightness feature and it is easier to use.

3.The best feature of Flip Ultra HD and its series is you can upload flip videos to YouTube, which [link=

]Kodak Zi8 doesn’t allow you to do. This may be the major reason why Flip Ultra HD ranks No. 1 one Amazon, if you did a search with “camcorder” on Amazon, and Kodak HD ranks No. 19.

Click here to see Amazon ranking of camcorders.

4.Both have the feature of auto focus. However the Zi8 has a Macro focus for close-ups

5.Flip Ultra HD stands up on its own, Kodak will need a tripod, although both have tripod connectors.

6.For HDMI out, you must purchase an extra cable with Flip Ultra HD but Kodak has it included.

Therefore, you can now choose the right camcorder for yourself based on the above conclusions:

If you are looking for a product that has better technical features, Kodak Zi8 will be the right camcorder for you.

If you prefer a video camcorder that can stand by itself, Flip Ultra HD will be a better choice.

If you want take lots of close-up videos,
Kodak Zi8
is the one for you.

If you want to easily share your videos on YouTube, Flip Ultra HD is definitely the choice

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