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Rhinoplasty Procedure After A Recreation Injury

Sometimes a misshapen nose can happen by accident; it is just the nose that you were given as a result of genes mixed with your individual development over time. Or, you may feel as though your nose is too large for your overall facial structure, or too large compared to the scale of your eyes, mouth, cheek bones, or chin. However, you might be one of those men and women who have come across a need or desire for rhinoplasty as a result of a sudden circumstance.

A fleeting moment during recreation or professional athletics can result in a broken bone unfortunately. However, no superficial bone break can be more devastating to the appearance of your body than a break within the face. In particular, many athletes and men and women in daily life accidentally break their noses. The sudden sting and throbbing pain thereafter is only a brief discomfort compared to the decades or a lifetime of distorted facial structure. However, beyond the protruding bone or crooked cartilage from the trauma to the nasal bone, these are the effects the injury eventually has on your ability to breathe comfortably and the appearance of your face.

Your nose is a huge part of what completes the overall beauty of your face and rhinoplasty can bring that back regardless of the condition of your nose. It is one thing to grow up with an enlarged nose bone, a lump in the bone, or a misalignment in how your nose is positioned on your face. But if you've experienced sudden damage after your facial structure has completed the majority of its development, that is, around 13 years of age, it can be particularly devastating to think that you have to go through life that way. It can also be particularly devastating to think that it would be vain to simply return your nose to the way it used to look. That simply isn't true. The problem truly lies in the damage worsening from healing incorrectly or causing damage from within. Additional breaks can happen with continued rough or accidental athletic activity that possesses a threat to your facial structure or another tap to your nose during the early stages of healing. However, the most common long term damage occurs with the presence and progression of a deviated septum. 

A rhinoplasty procedure can help to restore your natural facial beauty. The surgeon will do so by making a minimal incision within the nostrils in a closed procedure or at the base of your nostril connecting cartilage in order to gain entry to the trouble areas. In order to reposition a bone that or repair a nasal structure that has been significantly damaged cartilage or bone grafts from other parts of the body may have to be used. For a deviated septum, your surgeon will realign the cartilage at the center of the nose and remove any parts of the structure that is jutting into your nasal passages preventing easy breathing. 

When you finally opt for a smoother and more balanced symmetry to your entire nasal structure, it can improve your entire look. It will improve how you feel about your appearance, make it easier for you to move beyond the facial trauma, and help you with sleep because you won't be struggling to get air. The rhinoplasty procedure isn't just a "nose job" for men and women who are unhappy with what genetics has given to them, it is a surgical means to bring forth or bring back a naturally beautiful nose to last you a lifetime.

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