Rat Cutlery Izula

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Rat Pests in London. Rat control London.

Is there any doubt that rats are pests in London? Okay, someone who owns a rat as a pet (or uses them for scientific experiments) may not consider them to be pests. Actually, they would though if they were wild ones running free. And if they did try to make even them into a pet, they really shouldn't. Rats from the wild often carry diseases and can easily cause food poisoning. That's why it's such a big deal for them to be found in restaurants or takeaways. There are so many ways that they can spread their diseases, and none of them are nice.

If you eat something that they have nibbled on, you will probably also have some of their saliva in it. They might even have shed some fur on the food, a very unpleasant thought. Then, of course, there is the urinating, which they will do just about anywhere. Rat droppings look a lot like sultanas, so it's very important pets and small children are kept under control when there is a rat infestation.

Can there really be any doubt that rat pests in London are more than just nuisances and creepy, but dangerous? It's not just the diseases either, a rat bite can cause a lot of pain. They have powerful gnashers, able to chew through about anything, so it's best to keep your distance.

That's another thing that makes rats such horrible pests, in London or anywhere else, and what makes
rat control London
so vital: the damage they cause to property. Whether it's a piece of furniture, cupboards or wires, they can cause horrible damage. Even this can be dangerous of course, if they chew through electrical wires there's a risk that they could cause a fire.

So be very careful with rat pests in London, and get rid of them as soon as you can. Don't be afraid to call in the professional pest controllers either, that's what they do. Don't suffer with a rat infestation any longer than you have to.

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