Rat Cutlery Knife

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Legal knife carry question?

Hey guys. I stay in Virginia but i travel allot between New Jersey/New York east coast etc. I am probably going to order the RC3 MIL in about a week. It will be my first RAT Cutlery knife. It is going to replace my EDC folder that i have been using for about 2 years now or accompany it. I will not be carrying the knife on my belt and letting it hang down so everyone and there mother can see i have a knife on me. I don't like that. Its no ones business if i carry a knife or not. The length of the blade is not that long. Under 4". I will either carry it in the horizontal, inverted on a shoulder strap or on my boot with the clip. If the police had to search me for some unknown reason, would they have a fuss about the fact that the knife was concealed? Would they confiscate it?

This ever happened to anyone? (having a problem with the police)

I think there are certain laws as to how big theblade can be... you should check with local law enforcement just to make sure.. And if you do get searched by the police, make sure to let them know that you have it... It will earn you brownie points.. And no they wont confiscate it if you arent using it in a way that you shouldnt be...

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