Real Mother Pearl

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KNOW HOW TO IDENTIFY A FAKE FRESHWATER PEARL- We all know that a real and authentic freshwater pearl

We all know that a real and authentic
freshwater pearl
is inside mollusks and oysters. It takes a lot of time for these pearls to be ready in their bodies. The mollusks secrete layers of nacre which makes these freshwater pearls. These pearls are very less costly than the sea water ones. Here are a few important facts about any freshwater pearl.

• The core of a freshwater pearl is made by man. This does mean that such a pearl is fake. The fake ones are the ones made up of plastic, resin, glass etc. that is not made up of the secretions of the mollusks.

• It becomes really difficult to identity a fake freshwater pearl. This is because both the freshwater pearl i.e. real and fake both are dyed. Both of them come in a number of sizes, shapes, colors.

• The first thing to identify a genuine freshwater pearl is to check the entire set. If all the pearls in the set or necklace or bracelet or earrings etc. are perfectly round and flawless. They should know have no clue of being different from the others. They should perfectly same.

• Next way to identity the authenticity of anoriginalfreshwater pearl is to rub it against your teeth. If you have a gritty feeling in your teeth then it is possible that this pearl is genuine. If it does not feel gritty and feels smooth then it is probably fake.

• You can also examine the size of the freshwater pearls. Keep them directly under the sunlight. A real freshwater pearl does not a perfect shape. Under the sun light, you will be able to see the imperfections. But a fake pearl is completely round and you will not be able to see any imperfections under the sun. Always try to check the pearls under the sunlight only and not in a room’s light.

• You can also go online to find other effective ways of knowing a pearl’s authenticity. You can take your pearls to shops that deal in only pearls. They have different ways to knowing its value.

• Apart from all these things, you have to be sure from where you are buying your freshwater pearls from. You can try to ask your friends and family elder about the most popular, trusted and old pearl jewellery store. These shops will be known for their good service and authentic gems. It is wise not to take chance when you are buying pearls and trying the most trusted stores only. For online shopping,
is very famous for its pearls are incomparable service.

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