Red Walnut Jigged

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Red One Cameraman | Red One Operator | Red One Camera Hire

Professional Red One Cameraman & Director Of Photography (DOP) with over 10 years of extensive experience working in the Broadcast Film & Video Industry. I had been following the progress of the Revolutionary RED ONE Camera System for some time, before finally deciding to make a purchase.Almost all of my professional camera work is now shot on thisincredible digital camera. It has the ability to capture images ofclarity equal to 35mm Film Cameras and the Visual and Emotional depthof 35mm Film Photography, but without the production costs. I have worked in Narrative/Fictional Film Dramas, TV Commercials,Promos, Music Videos, Spots, Idents, Documentaries, ENGs and CorporateProductions. I am always striving to bring a friendly and professionalattitude combined with very high standard to the field of film &video production. Through my Passion and Obsession with Photography Iaim to always deliver to you the best images for your projects and toprovide a truly emotional & visual connection to your commercialfilm & video productions. I also have extensive experience with other professional formats,including Panasonic / Sony / Ikegami Digitbeta, SX, HD and am confidentworking with 35mm or Super-16mm in addition to Standard Definition. Iam comfortable working with any format you think is best suited to yourcommercial film or video project. I am happy collaborating with Directors and Producers to help delivertheir vision and am happy to offer constructive comments in a friendlyway. I am always ready to give support and advice to theprogramme-makers in pre-production, during and post production. I alsohave the skills to self-direct and am confident in the knowledge thatas a Professional Red One Cameraman I will supply the right footage and images you require. Red One Cameraman | Red One Camera Hire | Red One Operator

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