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Discover The Hidden Beauty Of Viengxai Kaysone Phomvihane Cave

Today, quiet village life, the fascinating culture and stunning natural scenery of the country does on top of the list of many people must see holiday destinations. But if history is one of the main things that draw you into Laos well than you are wrong trekking in the ground instead of on that may be of additional interest to you.

The Viengxai Cave Memorial:
The monument Viengxai Kaysone Phomvihane cave is veiled the untrained eye, enclosed by forests and limestone mountains in the province Houaphanh. These caves were not open to the general public before it was only in the year 2009 it was opened to tourists and the general. And trekking here is something different which you might have experience previously in Laos.

The History of the Caves:
While in Laos, trekking through the villages will take you to the path of many relics and memories of what will always be remembered as a predominantly tumultuous time for the country. The monarchy began in 1964 and with it came a violent period of civil unrest that lasted until mid-1970. The United States supported the regime, and as bombs were dropped on Laos by U.S. aircraft constantly on behalf of the Royal Government of Laos, many were forced to seek refuge, including leaders and members of the Pathet Lao Communist Party, which were considered revolutionary at the time.

The leaders of the Pathet Lao remained living in hiding in the cave network for almost ten years before moving to become Vientiane in 1974 to form the government of Laos. Today, the caves Viengxai are seen by many as the spiritual home of the government of Laos. The immense arrangement of underground caverns that form Viengxai caves became home to many people during that period, with more than 400 caves housing and shelter for 20,000 people. Thus a visit to this historical cave is a must during your
Laos tours

Inside the Caves:
Now open to tourists, it is possible for those interested in adventure trekking Laos also underground and see the large number of tunnels and caverns themselves. Inside the caves, there was once a school, a bakery, shops, meeting rooms, sleeping quarters, and even a large cavern became a natural amphitheater, with orchestra pit. Visitors can wander through the caves, only your imagination to help them try to visualize what would have been like the liver of meters for almost ten years. However, English speaking guides accompany visitors through the caves as part of a local tourism development project that helps build a better image, and share everything they know about the nine years that the Pathet Lao spent in the caves.

Viengxai caves not only offer a vision of deep and fascinating history of the country, but to offer an exciting alternative to the usual activities that could participate in Laos. Underground trekking can be as rewarding as it is above ground, in this case. From this can made sure that your
Southeast Asia travel
in Laos can be a memorable one which you will remember through out your life.

Take a trip to other important places in Laos also. Some of the important places are namely Pha That Luang, Wat Phu, Pak Ou Caves, Vieng Xai caves and a visit to Lung Prabang is a must.
Luang Prabang travel
can also let you know its rich and glorious history.

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