Rider Canoe Butterbean

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Dana Classics – Canoe: A Sense of Adventure

A relatively simple concept in a time of elegance and gentlemanly conduct; Canoe represents a fragrance that defined the adventurous man, with more than a hint of playfulness about his character. Dana Classics Canoe really came into it's own during the 70's and 80's with an advertising campaign that demonstrated how much women loved the scent. The 30-second infomercial of 1981 featured an Adonis-like hunk aboard his yacht, beckoning a young lady over to spend time with him. The advertisement's slogan summed up the timeless classic - “Wear it, she'll get the message”, and it seems as though that still rings true today. Many of Canoe's fans are actually the wives and girlfriends of men who made Canoe 'their scent'.

Flawless By Design

The 'five-flag' naval design of Canoe's packaging has little changed since its inception in 1935. Dana actually revived the product back in 1996, giving the old favorite a new lease of life with embossing of the flags, and a metallic blue edginess to the packaging. The bottle itself was transformed from the angular glass standard, to a curved, travel friendly ergonomic that instantly boosted Canoe's versatility as a 'home or away' fragrance. Apart from these subtle changes to bring Canoe smack bang into the 21st Century, the fragrance itself remains as snappy and fresh, as it has ever been. Handier still are the variety of bottle sizes now on offer, ranging from the wallet friendly 0.5, up to 8 ounces.

A Timeless Classic

Key to Canoe's unpredictable success was the futuristic nature of its scent, during a time when the fragrance market was rife with couture musks, and spicy scents. Dana's Canoe took aromatic freshness to new heights with a heady blend of lavender and Italian lemon, combined with subtle floral tones such as the rose-like Bourbon Geranium, and Carnation.

To the unsuspecting nostril, Canoe may appeal due to its relatively clean and fresh distinction, however there is more to this masculine redolence than smooth notes. Getting down to the real depth of this fragrance is a whirlwind of aromatic discovery; Tonka Beans in particular proving to be a provocative ingredient, with a charming bouquet that encompasses a touch of cinnamon, almond and vanilla. Deeper still, the boundaries between clean and earthy are bridged by two renowned wood-like scents – cedarwood and oakmoss. Heliotrope makes a subtle entrance with its classic 'cherry pie plant' sweetness, that is often likened to vanilla essence. Delving further, the existence of musk and patchouli become well evident, as an hour after the first spritz, the scent darkens to a spicy, musky playfulness.

The Scent of Adventure

Dana Classics signature men's fragrance has long adorned the mantels of modern men. During the 30's it epitomized everything undiscovered, exciting, adventurous. Between the 50's-70's, Dana Classics Canoe took on a more personable character; a form of definition and expression through a suave scent that encouraged attention from the opposite sex. Some consider the free-wheeling 'love era' to have been Canoe's finest, when the sense of freedom and adventure was omnipresent within every aspect of modern life. A post-modernist revival during the 1990's saw Dana's Canoe adopt its most sophisticated format yet, despite only the aesthetics being brought up to date.

For the modern man, Canoe presents an affordable, and textured alternative to commercial fragrances. Few bear a note pyramid as complex as that of Canoe, often described to be stronger, and more masculine than even the couture scents available. Timeless, unexpected and with a delightfully provocative nature, Canoe is perfect for the man who wants (and usually achieves) more from life than the generic work and rest routine.

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