Rider Little Lady

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When my iPad drank milk, I sold it online

Milk vs. iPad. Milk won. Unfortunately this is not a game I am talking about. This is what happened when I accidentally spilled milk on my iPad. Ridiculous, I know.

I was having breakfast at a friend’s house one morning when it happened. I was still feeling sleepy so I got up and went to get my iPad. Maybe a little Lady Gaga music in my playlist will wake me up. It was a futile attempt o I put my iPad on the table and dozed off. The biggest shock of my life woke me up.

My friend yelled and tugged at me As soon as I regained my senses, she pointed a finger at my iPad dripping with milk. I was like, “kill me now.”

So I do not want to elaborate more on the drama that followed. But I did try everything to save my iPad. It turns out that milk and electronic devices is a lethal combination. I had to find a way to replace my iPad before my parents hears of the stupidity I committed.

All I have is my savings, my laptop, my phone, and some clothes that I could probably sell. I was losing my grip since even if I sell these things, I cannot afford to buy a brand new iPad. I was thinking if I can sell my iPad but immediately dismissed the idea. So what I did is to check on the Internet for help.

Well, I found out that I could actually sell my iPad online. At first, I did not actually believe that I can sell my iPad given its condition. It’s all a piece of junk to me now. It does not power on and I do not think that someone would like to buy it, I mean, come on! If I would like to own an iPad, I would go for something that doesn’t have a history of disaster. !

Anyhow, I found this website that gave me the chance to sell my iPad for cash. Believe it or not, I was able to sell my iPad for almost three hundred bucks. I just went to their site and did a few clicks and I was done.

The site is cashforipads.com. These guys are legit because they have all the certifications from website regulators like TRUSTe, BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Verisign. These sites are leaders in SSL Encryption that help identify authentic operating sites.

Of course, before I sell my iPad to anyone over the internet, I had to perform a background check. Even it is a broken iPad, it is still my property and it is all I have. So I went on to read their terms and conditions and see how they work. They offer to buy any electronic device ranging from smartphones, laptops and iPads in any condition.

From that, I learned that I was about to sell my iPad to a refurbishing and recycling company. So I clicked my way on getting a quote. I just gave them the condition of my iPad and then I was offered the amount. When I accepted, they required me to fill-up a shipping request form to complete the process.

One thing I like about this site is their easy way of processing their online transaction. The process was fast and everything on their site was understandable. I did not have any problems at all. Plus, I was able to sell my iPad without having to pay for the shipping fees.

After a minute, I was done with the online deal. I was able to sell my iPad for good. I just waited for them to send me the box where I have to put my broken iPad and have it dropped to the UPS store. In just about five days of patiently waiting, I received the exact payment through my PayPal account. Indeed, it was a good idea to sell my iPad to these guys.

When I was left with no choice but to
sell my iPad
, I have learned a very valuable lesson. I realized that you should treat your iPad like your baby. Take very good care of it. You can play with it, be in tune with it, read stories with it. The only thing that you are absolutely forbidden to do is to bathe it with milk! Like seriously, look at what happened to me.

Good thing there are sites like cashforipads.com. I was able to sell my iPad and buy a new one before my parents got back home.

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