Rider Malachite Muskrat

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www.aypearl.com give you Introduction of Malachite

Do you know what is Malachite?This paper give you Introduction of Malachite.

The English name of malachite is "Malachite", derived from the Greek "Mallache". It means "green." As the color of malachite on the spot resembles peacock feathers green so it has so beautiful name. Ancient Chinese called malachite as the "Green", "malachite green," or "Green Langgan." Malachite is an ancient jade material.

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral, chemical composition of Cu2 [CO3] (OH) 2, CuO71.9%, CO219.9%, H2O8.15%. It belongs to monoclinic. It is like columnar or needle and it is very rare. Usually it appears hidden crystal bell was milky, massive, hull shape, tuberculosis-like and fibrous aggregates. A concentric layered, Fiber radial structure. Green, malachite green, dark green and so on. Frequent pattern belt, silk or glass gloss sheen, it seems clear to opaque. Refractive index 1.66 - 1.91, double the refractive index of 0.25, polychroism colorless - yellow-green - dark green. Hardness 3.5-4.5, density 3.54-4.1g/cm3. Nature of brittle, conchoidal to irregular-shaped fracture. Case of hydrochloric acid react, and easy to dissolve.

Distinction between Malachite and similar Jade. Malachite green and peacock in a special band for identification of the typical characteristics, not easily confused with other gemstones, but similar with Beryl, silicon. The difference is: turquoise hardness, as a 5-6, low density, for 2.6-2.9g/cm3, refractive index is small, 1.62. Malachite hardness of silicon is small, the 2-4, density, as 2-2.4g/cm3, refractive index 1.57.

Malachite varieties and evaluation. There are common malachite malachite, malachite gemstones, malachite, opal, green malachite. Malachite gem is rare malachite crystals. Malachite as ornamental stones, craft view products, require bright colors, pure uniform, ribbon pattern with a clear, dense block without holes, Bigger is better. Malachite Opal requiring background is light zoning. Malachite can be carved heart-shaped pendant, egg-shaped ring face, necklace, can also be made of seal material.

Malachite maintenance. Malachite stones is not durable, hardness, and can maintain a good luster a long time and can only be used as beads and brooches. The Russian people always use Malachite as building interior materials. St. Isaac's Cathedral in Leningrad large garden pillar trimmed with malachite. Malachite is also used in carving a variety of religious service and decorations, fireplaces and desktop mosaic and so on.

As early as 4,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians mined between Suez and the Sinai mines, they use malachite as a children's talisman, they think that hung a Malachite into baby cradle will get rid of the soul of all evil. Some regions in Germany, people who think that wearing malachite can avoid deaths threat. Yan Dai of China in the thirteenth century BC, has been malachite stone hairpin crafts. Because of its bright blue-green micro-, making it the most attractive minerals.

Malachite produced in the oxidation zone of copper sulphide deposits, often associated with other copper-bearing mineral paragenesis (blue copper, chalcocite, red copper, natural copper, etc.). World-renowned

Origin place are Zambia, Australia, Namibia, Russia, Zaire, the United States and other regions. In China it mainly produced in Yangchun Guangdong,Jiangxi, Hubei Daye, and northwestern of Gan.

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