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OpenXPS : Will Microsoft Replace PDF ?

Microsoft had once tried to run against the river's lake XPS format Adobe PDF, but ultimately failed, will new OpenXPS shame before and become new digital content issue standards?

OpenXPS full name is "Open XML Paper Specification" (Open XML file standard), it is a new file format in Windows 8 M3 Build 8102 preview version, based on the board Paper maker association (ECMA) standards ECMA 388, borned on June 2009 is. Its predecessor XPS 2006 launch, Windows Vista / 7 provides support, but it didn’t win customer's favor generally.

Adobe PDF, as early as 1993, has been ISO international standard. It have issued an absolute dominant position in the digital content , even Microsoft oneself also can not get away from it. As we all know that sometimes we use pdf files, we need make some conversion , such as
pdf to word mac
, pdf to dwg , pdf to doc , pdf to html ,
pdf to excel mac
, ect . For reasons that pdf is read-only file, sometimes we can’t copy , edit text from it , so we need these conversion. Perhaps it will be read and write files in the future.

Microsoft declared: "OpenXPS is an international standard, it has multiple advantages on ecological system compared with the XPS. First of all, there are many government agencies requirements for the standardization of the document format for internal use, which in some cases hindered the XPS promotion, but there is no such obstacles for OpenXPS. In addition, Microsoft has got feedback from the software and hardware developers, they hope that XPS format don't frequent changes, or upgrade, otherwise they must always rewrite the application and driver to keep up. As international standards, OpenXPS will have formal upgrade process, and all changes will be fully opened."

OpenXPS obviously will become new favor of Microsoft , but it will not be abandoned immediately, Windows 8 will continue to provide support. Microsoft says: "Microsoft Windows also support the OpenXPS, XPS, including API, drivers, the viewer, etc, in developer preview version "

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