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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a category of eldercare between independent living and skilled nursing. The elderly given this kind of professional care belong to an age group where independent living is no longer suitable but a round-the-clock medical care is still not required. In other words, the patrons in an assisted living facility are only provided with assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs) and insurance of their health, safety and well-being.

The average age of male residents in an assisted living facility is around 85, while that of female residents is 87. However, the age group does not dictate the demand for assisted living. Instead, this level of care is prescribed primarily according to the health status of the patrons, usually disregarding age.

Assisted living facilities do not have large rooms or units for medication and health care. This is either to maintain the home-like environment that the residents need despite their age or mainly based on the absence of the need for intensive care such as that given in a nursing home for residents with various illnesses associated to their age. Assisted living is a primary service offered to citizens in well-developed cities like San Antonio, Texas.

Instead of medical facilities that promote an idea of dependence and weakness, an assisted living facility provides an avenue for socialization and independence. Even though assistance from professional care providers is available with
assisted living San Antonio
offers, residents are encouraged to do their daily tasks on their own including changing clothes and bath.

A large centralized area for dining in a facility for
assisted living San Antonio, Texas
has allows the residents to have free and healthy interaction with one another three times a day during meals. Visitors are also allowed to meet their admitted loved ones in this area. This system will keep the residents from feeling isolated, especially those who are physically impaired and afraid of living alone because of their condition. Companionship gives them security.

assisted living San Antonio, TX
has to offer provides a wide range of services aside from ADLs. Although not given directly in an assisted living facility, any resident who just came from surgery due to illness or injury can stay in a rehabilitation center or return to his or her unit for recovery. Based on the provisions of the contract with the eldercare provider, he or she can be given special attention for his or her current condition.

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