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Breast Augmentation Surgery with Autologous Fat

Autologous fat has recently been used for breast augmentation procedures for women. There are three methods for this. These three are recent developments that employ the use of natural resources to provide the necessary changes that the women want in order to achieve the desired size. All three methods employ basically the same procedure; the difference comes in how the fat is prepared. The fat is actually harvested from the body with the use of liposuction. Many surgeons like to introduce patients to the idea of using their own resources for their own breast augmentation needs. The procedures do not need the use of implants and is quite revolutionary.

The standard lipotransfer method directly uses the extracted substance from the patient and places it into the allotted area in the chest. The extraction is similar to standard liposuction but the surgeon supposedly uses gentler means of getting it out of the body. Ideally, the buttocks, thighs and hips are the areas which have a better supply of fat. The standard method does not treat the substance which has been harvested from the patient's body. Instead, it is directly injected unto the bosom to achieve the desired results. Retention of the volume is estimated at around 20 to 40 percent only. This means that the fullness of the bosoms can be reduced in just a few months and the remaining fullness may be just around twenty to forty percent only.

On the other hand, the second breast augmentation method using stem cell concentrated autologous fat has a higher retention percentage compared to the standard untreated method. The fat cells can be retained at around forty to eighty percent. This means that, although the doctor can recommend replenishment of the substance, there is still a possibility that the changes will not be so drastic when the reduction occurs. This is if the reduction is very little and in the lower range of forty percent. In spite of this, may women prefer to be refilled, so to speak, in order to continue the initially achieved a look.

The method that uses stem cell enriched autologous at for breast augmentation is more efficient. The retention percentage is higher, around ninety to ninety-five percent. This is the highest of all three techniques and it means that there is practically no need to replenish the area because reduction is very minimal. The reason behind the success of the enriched cells is due to the presence of the stem cells which encourage the growth and development of healthier fat cells. The stem cells encourage the growth of other and thus make the cosmetic surgery procedure a success.

All three methods opt not to use implants which many plastic surgeons still recommend for their patients. The reason behind this is that not all people may be open to the use of their own fat as filler for their breast augmentation surgery while others do not really have enough of it to go around. Using other people's fat may be difficult for compatibility issues but there are some cases where doctors may go with this technique.

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