Rough Rider Honey

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Discover The Benefits Of Manuka Honey In Life

The properties of manuka honey are unique which makes it a superior ingredient found in nature. The most incredible fact about the nectar is that it performs excellently well on exterior as well as interior problems of the body. This is primarily due to the presence of methylglyoxal content of the substance. Even when diluted over 100 times, it actively performs remarkably well on health problems. When included in the daily diet and regime of food and skin, manuka honey is stated to be the best for the purpose.

The nectar is found in the monofloral shrub found in the New Zealand and in certain regions in Australia. Its strength can be determined by the UMF and MGO ratings.

Unique Manuka Factor

This is the factor that measures the non-hydrogen peroxide content of the nectar. The formulation is extremely effective on several skin ordeals due to its antibacterial composition. This is determined on a scale of 0-30. The lowest value offers minimum activity whereas the greatest scale depicts extreme or intense performance. In fact, a UMF 16 scale is the best for therapeutic usage. When purchasing the nectar, ensure to check a UMF of 16 or above mentioned on the label.

Methylglyoxal Rating

The MGO or methylglyoxal content of the nectar is extremely effective on certain skin ailments like dryness, eczema, blemishes and acne. Its antiseptic component of the nectar is effective in curing many ordeals in the lifestyle.

However, during the ancient times there were many philosophers who believed in the incredible properties of the honey. This was the most popular naturally available ingredient that was used for medicinal purpose. Gradually, the sheen of the substance started to decrease. This was due to the discovery of medicinal formulations like penicillin, amoxicillin, oxacillin and methicillin. But at present the nectar has acquired immense popularity in medical centers worldwide.

Usage Of The Nectar

The properties of the honey are suitable for regular usage. This is also the naturally active component that fights superiorly well on major ordeals.

Skin dryness, eczema

The surface texture requires adequate nourishment on the exterior. The application of the nectar softens the skin and accelerates collagen production. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and abates the effects of aging.

Flakiness and whitening

Dry and rough skin surface does not exhibit radiance. Gradually, due to the lack of moisturisation, the surface texture becomes prone to flakiness and whitening.

Ulcers of the surface, wounds and cuts

The nectar can be suitably used to clear ulcers of skin. The most common ordeal faced regularly is the wear and tear of the outer surface. It works suitably well to elevate the quality of the exterior.

Sore throat and colds

The problems of sore throat and colds can be abated with the usage of the honey. It is the most active component that works incredibly well to accentuate the healing process.

Infection and superbugs

It acts incredibly well on the skin problems like infection and superbugs. In fact, the superbugs like MRSA are excellent to increase the skin texture.

The remarkable properties of the nectar are immensely suitable to increase the effectiveness of any skin care regime. In fact, without the inclusion of essential processes like exfoliation, cleansing and moisturisation no care routine can provide excellent results. The usage of
manuka honey
for such regimes is the best that can aid your skin to emit incredible radiance.

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