Round Table Excalibur

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help with King Aurthur?

i really need someone to summarize King Aurthur's birth, how he became king, camelot and the round table, excalibur, guinevere and launchcelot, and his death. thx

King Arthur's father and predecessor, King Uther-Pendragon, had married Igraine, who already had two children (Morgan Le Faye and Elaine). When they finally had a son, Merlin advised the king to hide away his son to protect him from power hungry nobles who wanted the throne. Good thing Pendragon followed his words, because after his death, his kingdom fell into chaos as everyone sought to claim the throne. Merlin then set up a sword in a stone, and the rightful king of England was to pull it out.

When Arthur grew up with Sir Ector (Pendragon's loyal knight), he went into battle and attended to his foster brother Sir Kay as a squire. During the heat of the battle, Kay's sword was severed into two, and he asked Arthur to find him a sword. Oblivious of the prophecy, Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and brought it to Sir Kay. When Ector and Kay found out that it was from the stone, Ector alerted Merlin. In the presence of all the nobles, Merlin presented Arthur as the rightful king of England.

Excalibur comes in when Arthur lost a battle against King Pellinore, one of his greatest rivals. Merlin directed him to the Lady of the Lake, who gave Arthur Excalibur. Using it to defeat Pellinore, Arthur gained control of England. Excalibur was known for its great indestructibility, and its scabbard was famous for preventing any inflicted wounds. With these two tools in battle, the warrior would be formidable and unbeatable.

The Round Table was established after Arthur and Guinevere married. It had enough space for 50 knights, but it was only supposed to have 32. Merlin stated that once all the 50 seats were filled, Arthur's kingdom would fall.

Behind Arthur's back, Guinevere and Lancelot had an affair. When Arthur discovered this, he ordered Guinevere to be executed. However, Lancelot rode into the scene and rescued her before she was about to be burnt. Retreating into his castle, he kept Guinevere safe. Many lives of the knights were lost, but Arthur eventually succeeded and besieged the castle. Although Guinevere and Lancelot came in peace in his presence, Arthur banished Lancelot from England and sent Guinevere to live the rest of her days in a convent as a nun. Sir Gawain, a veteran knight in Arthur's ranks, sought revenge for the death of his two sons (caused by Lancelot). When he was fatally wounded by Lancelot in a duel, Gawain realized that Sir Mordred was the true enemy and alerted Arthur in his dying breath.

Sir Mordred had indeed set up Lancelot and Guinevere and made it seem like he was the good guy. During the final conflict in the Arthur's last battle, he cleaved Arthur's skull into two after he received a mortal wound. As Arthur lay dying in his tent, he ordered Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur into the Lake. Although it took three tries for the reluctant knight to do so, he finally did the deed, watching a slender hand reach up from the water and grab the sword.

Arthur was placed in a boat that sailed to the mythical land of Avalon, promising Sir Bedivere that he would return in England's most dire hour of need.

I hoped this helped. =)

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