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Blocks Games Training the Child's Logical Thinking

The building block is the children's fondle admiringly kind of game. The children can not only have a good time in the game, and gain knowledge, but also develop the creativity, the revenue is many. The building blocks show rich and varied geometry.

The use of the building blocks for children to learn geometry is very appropriate. In particular, for the very young children you can let them recognize the plane figure. Such as triangle, circle, square, some elder children can increase understanding of geometry, such as cubes, cylinders and so on. The specific methods are as follows:

First, let the child see the form of blocks by visual observation, and to know that physical features by tactile sense. For example, we allow the children to look at and touch the edges and corners of the triangle blocks, so they know that the triangle has three sides and three angles.

Second, let children identify different shapes in many building blocks. Such as let children, take the building blocks according to the instructions, or build the roof of the house with triangular building blocks and so on.

Third, make classification to the building blocks. For example, let the children put together the building blocks of the same shapes, and speak out the shape of each building block.

Fourth, to line up blocks: for example, to line up the square building blocks in the sequence of the size, or line up the cylinder building blocks according to the thickness.

Fifth, touch blocks. Put the building blocks in the box, and let the child put his one hand into the box, touch the blocks according to the instructions, such as touch and pick out a rectangular building blocks, or identify and figure out the different characteristics of the geometry though the sense of touch.

Sixth, count the number of blocks. After setting up an objects with building blocks, let the children calculate how many number of each shape of the building blocks used in the object. For some elder children you can also ask them to record the number with pen and paper, so that it can help both the identification of the different shapes of blocks, and also exercise counting numbers and writing.

All in all, building blocks and toys play an important role in kindergarten teaching. Help teacher appeal the children's interest in learning easily, rich their lives, promote their positive practice in creation and cooperation, develop the children' imagination, as well as the form of healthy personality.

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