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Guitar Scales: An Important Part Of Learning The Guitar

Do you know your guitar scales? Do you know at least some of the scales like the minor pentatonic scale or the even the major and minor scales? I hope you answered yes to these questions because if not you are missing out on one of the most fundamental aspects of learning music. The scales could be considered the backbone of learning as well as opening up whole new understandings of how music is constructed.

If you're in the beginning phases of learning to play guitar, scales are a very important exercise that should be worked on daily. Scales are often neglected, and more so on the guitar for some reason. But you would be hard pressed to find a good pianist who didn't possess at least some level of proficiency at scales. The same should be true for any guitarist.

The benefits of learning guitar scales

Learning to play scales on your guitar will provide you with many benefits. One of the primary benefits is that over time, you will begin to learn the notes of each particular scale, and naturally become comfortable playing those notes. When you play a song in that key, you will have the benefit of being accustomed to playing every one of those notes and will know where they are.

Daily practice of guitar scales will also provide you with great technical benefits. Playing scales will help increase your precision, dexterity, and ultimately the speed of your playing. It is very important that you go over at least a couple scales each time you practice. It won't take long for you to notice an increase in you playing skills just from these simple exercises.

Learning and playing guitar scales

There are a great variety of different scales, but if this is all new to you then you'll want to start out with a few of the more common scales. Some of the most common scales for the guitar are probably C, G, D, & A. It would be good idea to start out learning the major scales, as these are generally easy to learn and are quite commonly used throughout many different genres. Later, you will most likely want to start learning the minor scales. The minor pentatonic scale is a very popular scale, especially in rock and metal music.

When you first start learning a scale, make sure you play it slow enough that you can play each note correctly and cleanly. It also helps to say each note out loud as you are playing it. This will help you memorize what notes are in the scale as well as where they rest on the fretboard. If you can manage to gain a good command of the fretboard, you will be well ahead of the game.

As your skill begins to improve, feel free to speed it up. However, never play them so fast that you lose control, because if you are trying to play beyond your skill level, you will probably find that your fingers are having a tricky time staying in sync with one another. That's ok, just slow it down a bit until your fingers can catch up again.

When you play through a scale, each note should ring out clearly and be in steady rhythm. When striking the note with your picking hand, try to sound each note with the same force to keep the volume steady. Once you get a little more experience under your belt you can then start playing around with emphasizing notes by striking them harder. This will actually become common practice as time goes by. Certain picking techniques (more so on an electric guitar) require different angles of attack or a different amount of force to be applied to the string. A teacher once said, "Make your scales like a pear necklace - each note, perfect, round, and beautiful!" If you follow this advice and practice your scales on a daily basis, you will be stunned at how quickly your guitar playing will improve.

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