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5 Simple Things That Keep Simon Abboud Ahead In Network Marketing

How's it going?.  Today we look at an MLM superstar you may not have heard of... yet. Oh, and before we move on - thanks for checking this article out. There are hundreds of other articles out there that you could be reading instead of this one - but still you're here. So I'll have to make it worth your time... So... how exactly is this guy Simon taking ACN by storm and turning heads in the MLM industry? Well - I documented 5 things that keep Simon ahead of other leaders in this industry.  And I'm more than sure you'll gain some value from these points. Is there a magic formula for network marketers? Well of course not.  Simon realized this one early on - and adjusted quite nicely.  So here it is.... 1. Simon will not quit Very essential for the growth of any business.  There will be days that don't go so well, and there will be others when you feel like nothing can stop you.  We're human - so learn to deal with the ups and downs of business.  Having a no quit attitude means sticking with it and being consistent until you get some results - not quitting after 3 months because you haven't made any money yet. 2. Simon participates a lot of team building In MLM - team is the name of the game.  You have to be big on doing things outside of work WITH the people you work with.  Who wants to work 24/7 anyway???  Big companies do team building exercises all the time - it helps with productivity.....and who doesn't want more productivity? 3. Simon knows his business inside and out To put in bluntly - Simon can explain his business to anyone.  Simon really is an amazing presenter - in part because he practices like crazy.  He knows the compensation plan down to every last detail and he can answer just about any question you throw at him. There are not hard things to do - but most network marketers leave these things out; which is a big mistake. 4. Simon is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful This point all boils down to getting a bit uncomfortable when you need to.  Simon has driven for hours on end to conduct a meeting - only to find out that the meeting room was empty.  Imagine that feeling.  Then think to yourself for a moment - "can I deal with this sort of stuff?"  Because you just might...  It won't be easy, but it's possible to be hugely successful if you can keep your eyes on the prize like Simon did. 5. Simon Says (pun intended) that success will not come easy. Yah - easy for him to say now.  He's got all the glory, fame, recognition, and money.  And on top of all that; everyone wants to work with him right?  Well... that IS right - but it wasn't always that way for Simon.  Success came as a result of sticking with it. So that's just about it.  There are certainly more things that Simon can attribute to his success - but the above 5 count for more than 90% of that success.  Practice these 5 things and you too will be like Simon.  However, give up on these things and you will never be as successful as Simon. But even I have to admit that climbing this mountain will not be easy.  You've got to break it down into steps if you plan on being anything like Simon.   So here's what you can do next. A good first step would be to learn about the company he's in - ACN.  Here's a Wikipedia link that I think works well.  It's unbiased and third party.  Wikipedia is great for this kind of stuff. (copy and paste the link if you have to) Second; learn how to become a leader.  I'm going with Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring.  It's one of the most highly regarded publications in the whole of network marketing.  Here's a link if you're ready for it.  Click it and jump right in. (copy and paste the link if you have to) Do those two things to start and you should be well on your way to ultimate levels of success in any company you choose.  But remember - you'll have to be patient and diligent with the process to make it work. To your success! Chuk.

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