Seal Style Hunting

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Hunting for Trendy Street Style Fashion

There are people who do not like to be seen wearing the same style as everyone else’s, and I’m definitely one of them. This does not mean I am a helpless fashion slave or someone who has a fondness of rummaging through piles and piles of clothing in a retro fashion store; it’s quite far from it. However, walking down the street and coming across someone with the same distressed shirt you’re wearing. Or worse, seeing a friend having the same hoody as you do looking like toddler twins is a nightmare to me.

Because of this, I started looking for increasingly hard to find clothing boutiques that cater to street style fashion. I poked my nose to smaller town malls, trying to find hidden outlets and even started checking out our local thrift stores to hunt for legitimate retro articles of clothing, which is something I haven’t done in a very long time. Still, I had a rather difficult time finding the right street style fashion items. Tees, hoodies, kicks and trousers—these were all on my list that was really hard to find.

After wasting a certain amount of time looking, it suddenly hit me. I realized there is a huge market that has not yet been tapped—the Internet! Why haven’t I thought of this before? Suddenly, the coolest and kookiest apparel were available at my fingertips. With a few clicks of the mouse button and relying on my trusty search engine, a whole new world of choices was available to me.

I started checking out thrift shops in Edinburgh, independent clothing outlets in Manchester and high-end boutiques in London. My choice of
street style
fashion suppliers exploded virtually overnight, and that's when I thought about truly expanding my horizons by purchasing streetwear stateside!

Through the amazing power of technology, I could now shop in New York, Detroit and Chicago without leaving the comforts of my cozy room. Labels not currently available this side of the world could by picked up quite easily. And because the pound is strong against the dollar, I didn't have to pay that much more either! Virtually all the stores ship their clothing items internationally and without charging sky-high rates.

The other beauty of using the Internet for my clothes shopping was I could now buy unique
street style
clothing and I could virtually guarantee I wouldn't see it used by anyone else.

Now I'm kitted out in duds from across the UK with at least a few items from the US. The only downside with sites like this one is they are now starting to import clothing from the States, so although I can get the latest lines cheaper and have them delivered to my doorstep in a fraction of the time, my friends are starting to pick up similar limited edition streetwear. This means my hunt for a unique wardrobe continues!

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