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The Legend of Zelda Type Games for PS3


I used to play Legend of Zelda games for the Nintendo systems and it was without a doubt my favorite series. Are there any games for the PS3 that you can recommend that's similar to Zelda?


A friend of mine said Shadow of the Colossus for PS2 is Like Zelda. For PS2. There aren't many RPG games from the PS3 as far as I know. Oblivion is nothing like Zelda. Not even close.

The closest game that comes to The Legend of Zelda series at the moment that I can think of is Heavenly Sword. As an adventure game itself, you have puzzle solving, innovative combat and other techniques, and epic boss battles. There's no dungeon exploration, though. If you want an even closer example, you could try something like ICO or Dark Cloud on the PlayStation 2.

Okami is very much like Zelda, but that's a PS2 game. Better than Zelda I think, in fact, I don't like Zelda much. I still haven't finished Twilight Princess

I don't believe Shadow of the Colussus has anything that resembles Zelda, maybe I've been playing a completely different game

I'd say that the keyword we're using to correlate Shadow of the Colossus to Zelda is "atmosphere". The overall tone of the story and adventure seem to give a Zelda-vibe. As for an actual "Zelda" experience, I'm not too much of an RPG player anymore... so I can't really help you out on that one.

I heard Silent Hill is suppose to have a similar battling style to that of Zelda in its next release - Homecoming. Maybe you should pick up that game and try to venture into newer genres? I dunno. Nintendo is such a good developer when it comes to games. It's just a shame they don't have the console I so desire.

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