Sheriff Cop Folding

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Syndicated by: Montana News Donald Cyphers Editor-in-Chief

Billings Mt., Oct 5, 2010--/mna press/--Out of the old “dirty cop hand book” that former disgraced Chief of Police Ron Tussing used, also seems to be the same “dirty cop hand book” that current Sheriff Jay Bell is using. Sheriff Jay Bell has been plagued with law suit after law suit and various alleged allegations that range from discrimination to mishandling of funds, to intimidation and retaliation against employees who dare question Sheriff Jay Bell over his dishonesty and corrupt method of administrating the Sheriff Department.

Out of one Former Chief Tussing's page book, Sheriff Jay Bell seems to be a copy cat when dealing with complaints against his department and or himself. As a flood of grievances and human rights complaints were filed against Sheriff Jay Bells office. Bell has terminated every possible program that would have eventually either encouraged or required the Sheriff Department to be held accountable for their actions. Linder, Bells opponent in this political race, came on the scene back in 2006 and then this year in an attempt to change the “good ole boys” club and bring actual honest positive reform to the Sheriff Department. Linder and the masses that support his run for Sheriff, know and smell a change is coming in the air. Bell's political career is faltering and the public smells his defeat.

Bell insists that he is not aware of deputies being retaliated against, however the District Court has made it very clear that in fact this was going on. During the Trial Bell really looked bad and his credibility just was not there.

Bell is known to rant and rave when he chastises some one for trying to make or suggest changes that would better the morale or run the operation a bit smoother. Bell indicates that he wants to create a “Division of Professional Services” to deal with Complaints and grievances against him or his office. These complaints could come either from the public or current and past employees. But then in his next breath, Bell belittles those who are questioning his actions.

Right out of the Tussing handbook, Bell accuses those who question him as being the problem. However, whistle-blowers are generally not supported by the administration of law enforcement agencies; the Code of Silence typically conceals serious law enforcement misconduct for years before the corruption is finally revealed, the Code of Silence usually occurs within cultures created by the role-modeling of leaders. Jay Bell's leadership has caused a serious cancer within the Sheriff Department rank and file. Yet Bell insists that he has everything under control.

Jay Bell has been an unethical leader from the time that he replaced former Sheriff Chuck Maxwell, Bell, in the height of his hypocrisy, claims to engage in ethical leadership. But Jay Bell's treacherous dishonesty lies in his self-implied humility and willingness to consider the opinion of others. However Jay Bell's track record tells a vastly different story.

Jay Bell is a hypocrite who claims to have the humility to listen to his deputies or the public when they have concerns or question with what he is doing. The true Jay Bell does not have ears to hear.

The hypocrite Jay Bell, claims to be willing to consider the opinion of others. The true Jay Bell shouts others down, both privately and in public, if they have an opinion that differs from his own.

The hypocrite Jay Bell claims to want to serve the citizens of Yellowstone County as Sheriff AGAIN,

The True Jay Bell wants to serve nobody but himself.

Jay Bell was even involved in trying to cover up Yellowstone County Attorney Dennis Paxinos Sex scandal by offering a pay off to keep the allegation quite. Furthermore,

Jay Bell has proven to the public that he has no management ability and has proven himself to be a political hypocrite that hides behind a mask of civility, but when it is removed a seething cauldron is revealed. Yellowstone County voters should not be fooled by the facade of Sheriff Jay Bell. If the public is smart, which they are, they will not politically align themselves with this man.

Sheriff Jay Bell in his election bid, wants the public to think that he appears to be a “Straight shooter”, but in reality his actions declare otherwise.

Referring to the law suit that was won by the 3 deputies how could any Yellowstone County voter possibly think that in the future, Jay Bell would “do right”, by anyone? It just won't happen, Bell has outlived his time as Sheriff and needs to be removed from office at the ballot box this coming November 2010.

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