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Infinity Blade Gold Cheats: How to Make Infinite Gold in Seconds

I noticed that a lot of people are having trouble with this game but actually its way too easy. I
beat the god king
on bloodline 4 or 5 I think at I believe level 12 not so sure. And I got my infinity blade at level 25 or 26.
Making more gold
is very easy in Infinite Gold, here are some gold making tips in Infinity Blade, hoping it would be helpful to you.

Make Infinite Gold in Infinity Blade Tips 1:

Legion (helm) is the best item to get gold, it cost 10.5k. It has GOLD stats on it.

Make Infinite Gold in Infinity Blade Tips 2:

Use the helmet that gives you Infinite Gold as long as you can. That's how I got the blade at level 7 or so without restarting the bloodline over and over. Bags start giving 1-4k each around then, and battles are 5-10k each. A few lucky 30k drops helped, and killing the God King almost every time netted a lot more cash.

Make Infinite Gold in Infinity Blade Tips 3:

The best way to make gold in Infinite Gold is to have the skill item drop as in later blood lines you constantly get the top items such as adamantine armour , ring of fire ice , and also medium grade weapons.

Make Infinite Gold in Infinity Blade Tips 4:

Mastering an item from fighting is way faster than the most part in making gold in Infinite Gold, except for the higher items.

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