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Sterling Silver Jewelry – For Fanatics

Sterling silver jewelry has gained momentum in last few years. It is mainly due to the versatile nature and affordability of this metal. This has indeed driven jewelers across globe in creating more exquisite designs and patterns for the abstract minds.

Sterling silver, unlike gold can be worn for any occasion. Classy necklace with bangles and ear rings for weddings or a simple light-weight bracelet and ear drops combined with an evening gown can make one look absolutely elegant.

Sterling silver jewelry is also a great gifting option among teenagers. Young teen girls are fascinated by floral patterns, heart designs, religious icons in sterling silver or even small animal designs etched in silver.

Silver by nature is very soft metal and molding jewels is nearly impossible. A certain amount of alloy needs to be mixed with it to make more sturdy and durable. Copper is commonly used for this purpose. The acceptable proportion is 7.5 % of copper for every 92.5 % of silver. That is why 925 or 92.5 are hallmarked in every piece of this sterling silver, to mark it purity.

Sterling Silver has a tendency to scratch and tarnish over a period of time. Under proper care sterling silver will stay as new as how it was bought. Humidity and chemicals can cause sterling silver to tarnish rapidly. It is best to avoid contact of jewelry to sprays, perfumes or other chemicals such as lipstick or nail polish. The trick is to mildly water wash with acid-free detergent, dry quickly and preserve in a polythene or Ziploc bag. This can prevent the silver from any damage and this it can become precious heirloom that can be enjoyed by generations.

Thailand, China and Hong Kong are leading exporters of Sterling Silver jewelry. Fashion sterling silver jewelry and exclusive creations have been their forte. Precious and semi-precious gems like diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby are also combined with sterling silver to create unique and delicate designs.

JNB Silver is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of sterling silver jewelry in Thailand. They house quality sterling silver jewelry and having been in business since 1995, their priority has been providing utmost satisfaction to customers.

JNB silver specializes in ‘925 Sterling silver jewelry’ like Rings, Bracelets,

Necklaces, Chains, Pendants, Brooches, Cuff links, Pearl jewelry, Mother of pearl jewelry, Italian chains with Pearl, Cubic Zirconia, MOP, Crystals and Semiprecious Stones. Their innovative designs and distinction in quality has gained them strong customer network across globe.

Visit their website, for all your sterling silver jewelry needs.

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