Silver Walking Liberty

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Does anyone know about the 1943 silver walking liberty half dollar that's "painted" in colors?

I have the coin and can't find any info about it. It's the first coin I ever saw that's actually colored. Who did this? Why? Thank you...

A private company did this? Why? To make a profit, of course. The amount of silver in one of these half dollars is worth roughly $11.50 and has been as high as $15 in the last year. But when this company and others like them were putting their plans together, they could buy them for $2 - $3 each. Then they had them painted up and sold as 'limited edition' collectibles.

The colorizing of coins first got going with the immensely popular state quarters. When it was seen that people would pay substantial premiums for them, marketers felt the concept would work if expanded to the silver American Eagles, and it did, somewhat. But the rising price of silver squeezed the profit margins for them. But, the old Walking Liberty dollars in lower grade cost much less, and they share the obverse (front) design of the Eagles, so it would be simple to color them and sell them for the same price that the colored Eagles were sold for.

They are gimmick coins. Coin collectors rightly consider any alteration made to a coin to be damaged. There is no numismatic value. They are worth only the silver content. A dealer would pay about 80% of the silver value.

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