Skinner Plain Blad

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CHANNEL - Ladies Premiere Black SS/Ceramic/Plain Jap Qtz/Box

Side daughter is crying flapping into my arms, "mom, I was wrong. I shouldn't have often to some small and you noisy,
CHANNEL - Ladies Premiere Black SS/Ceramic/Plain Jap Qtz/Box
mom, I'm sorry!" Her daughter's crying let me shed countless tears. Looking at tearful daughter,
I CH-1009 - Chanel J12 SuperLegga Black - Working Chronograph[/link I contain tears to say: "good, don't cry, mother love you! You're good, don't full of mom, mom only hope that your guilt happy." Really, I am so hope the daughter happy,

Although sometimes also had been her spirit in distress situation, although also had a headache for her tricky, why daughter concern when the first weep sore is my heart? I stroked her arms daughter, her body flow my blood, her face wipes a my stamp, she took my heart my soul, and she is my own kiss keep of judges meat!

The child, mother for you have a thankful heart and happy, and proud, too, but, mother but doesn't want to see you bear guilt and regret. Puerile you unavoidably have some not satisfied place, this is a sure way of growing process, have what relation? Thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving life need a single health made maturing heart, not repent, frustration era blindly hugry...

Children, my child, frankly, raise head to enjoy life happiness, with impunity bear life setbacks, sees the honor to receive the life course, without guilt or more without complaining. Thanksgiving that is worth you grateful for and with a heart, the glittering rejoice stress-free heart to return them, in return, you will happy thoughts to more and more love and warmth.Finally, for all to the mother of our child said 1: may you enjoy the world better!

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