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Fresh wind blowing small screen display subtle aesthetic story

Sunshine, blue sky, white clouds, the corner of jasmine ... These elements are concentrated in the film, feeling fresh abnormalities. Yes, the "small fresh film" on the big screen after another recently. "Star," "romance 33 days", as well as the National Day file "Summer Music lengthy", and "pretend couple," "love the world" and so beautiful, pure love film, it is everywhere fresh.

Sex without kissing is not without erotic

"Small fresh" pure love playing the card

"Small fresh" was the first from the music genre Indie Pop (indie pop), this kind of music originated in Britain since the 1980s, characterized by melodic and fresh, and later gradually be used to describe a return to natural approach to life. In 2009, Taiwan's small fresh film "Cape" in the mainland, "fire", then, beautiful mainland film blowing, the sun, young, pure love of the "small fresh" movement.

In fact, the Japanese film "Love Letter" as the representative of the work, should be considered "small fresh" source of China Taiwan for small fresh subject matter is particularly preferred, although the total amount of less than 50 films throughout the year, "small fresh" accounted for to 30. This year, domestic films have begun to "small fresh": "Star", the attraction of two adolescent children ignorant; "lovelorn 33 days", a pair of quarrelsome lovers from quarrels to love; "pretend couple," Huang Bo (micro- Bo) occasional "crazy" Jiang Yan (microblogging) and her pretended lover, and ultimately love; "love the world"
three gorges tour
, the three sisters of pure love delightful; "Summer Music lengthy" directly hit the "Thought of Justice" concept, the film did not kiss, refused to hang out.

Throughout these films, almost no people blush lens, simple and pure emotional expression, in line with the "small fresh" on the elegant, natural, simple and so the pursuit of the spiritual realm.

Subtle aesthetic picture story

"Small fresh" Sentimental plot favor

"Little Fresh" movies have a lot of the same plot and character. The pursuit of beautiful images, characters most of the light, elegant clothing. Travel, writing and other plot is being widely used.

Sunshine, blue sky, white clouds, hand-shadow wall, corner of jasmine fragrance after rain, summer iced lemon tea, drops of water in the glass cemented on ... ... all of these things brings good feeling, can be in small was found in fresh. "Star", the number used in the puzzle; "lovelorn 33 days", there neon lights shining the city; "Summer Music lengthy", the beach, sun, sea, sky and so the lens is very rich; "shoulder butterfly", the Chen Kun (microblogging) that greenhouse flowers, there are people spring creek ding-dong of longing.

In character modeling, and cotton skirts, overalls, canvas shoes, black-rimmed glasses, etc., are essential elements. "Star", the two children were wearing school uniforms; "lovelorn 33 days", the article (microblogging) there is a small green sign paper glasses; "Summer Music lengthy", the girls on the beach wearing elegant the dress. Almost every small fresh film, has a love photography, tourism or the arts, "the world's love" in the Gui Lun Mei (microblogging) is a painter, "shoulder butterfly" in Chen Kun, is the camera their hands .

Many plot will be directed favor: They missed the street corner. "Love the world", the Gui Lun Mei and Eason Chan (microblogging) wandering around a few times did not find each other, "a lengthy summer music", the Ying Yang and Eddie (microblogging) also suffered the same fate, people may feel regret; confession of the plot are mostly shy and graceful: "love the world"
tour in china
, the Ying Yang is a recording to express love; "Summer Music lengthy" in a diary is to remove all misunderstandings. Director that "torture" and also from the reflection of a beautiful love and dedication, people know how to cherish.

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