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Value of Smith & Wesson gun from 1890?

We have had to put my grandfather into a home. We have come across an extremely old Smith & Wesson. All we have been able to find out is it is a .38 caliber manufactured in 1890. What is the value?
FYI - I was just curious to the value. We would never give anything away that has sentimental value. It's just nice to know....

There are several Smith & Wesson handguns manufactured during the year 1890 you listed.. You need to give more details in your description or supply a few photo's to help identify it. Is it top break? Nickel finish? .38 short or .38 long caliber? Single action requiring a hammer to be cocked first? Hammer? No Hammer? Barrel length (approximate) Number of digits/numbers in serial number if any? (Don't need the actual number) Two screw sideplate ? My point is one picture here is worth a thousand words. Price ranges on these guns run from several hundred dollars to $2500 based on model,condition, finish and collectability........

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