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What are the type of treatment of bone cancer?

The bases of treatment of bone cancer are the stage of cancer and the type of cancer. This will also depend on the preferences and overall health. Typically, bone cancer will involve chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or all treatments combined together. Given below are the treatment options for bone cancer:

Surgery - Removal of the entire bone cancer is the main goal of the surgery. For accomplishing this, the tumor must be removed by the doctors. Sometimes, a small portion of healthy tissue surrounding it may also be removed. The various types of surgery that are used for treating bone cancer are:

Surgery for removal of limb – this surgery is used for removing all or a part of limb. This is mainly done because the location of bone cancer is complicated or large. As the development of treatment takes place, this procedure is becoming very uncommon.

Surgery for removing cancer, but sparing the limb – if there is a separation of bone cancer from tissues and nerves, the bone cancer can be removed by the surgeon and the limb can be spared. The lost bone might be replaced with other bones. A special metal prosthesis is used.

Surgery for cancer which will not affect the limbs – if the occurrence of bones is found in the legs and arms, the bone will be removed by the surgeon in addition to the surrounding tissue. Bone which is removed during surgery can be replaced with another bone from the other body part.

Radiation therapy – high powered beams of energy are used by radiation therapy. this includes X-rays for killing the cancer cells. During this therapy, the patient has to lie down on the table and a special machine will move around him. The energy beams will aim at precise points on the body. The use of radiation therapy is seen in people for whom surgery doesn’t work. Radiation therapy can also be used after surgery for killing the leftover cancer cells.

Chemotherapy - chemotherapy is basically a drug treatment which is used for killing cancer cells. Chemotherapy is often administered through veins. The medications of chemotherapy will travel throughout the body.

Chemotherapy may be used alone or in combination with other treatments such as surgery for shrinking the bone cancer. A limb-sparing surgery may also be performed by the surgeon. Chemotherapy is mainly used in people in whom cancer has spread beyond other areas.

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