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What's a good, lightweight axe/hatchet for backpacking? Will a Sog Tomahawk work?

I'm tired of lugging around my ancient 900 pound (give or take) "camp axe" on backpacking trips, and I'm finally ready to upgrade. My friend has a Sog tomahawk that he says is great, but I don't think he's really put it to any heavy use. I have to admit that I think it's pretty sweet, but would it hold up to back-country chores? I know that there are probably better options, but the cool factor makes me want to get this one if it'll stand up to normal use.

By the way, here's what I'm talking about:

Oh, and I know it's not worth taking substandard tools into the wilderness. I'm not talking about taking this thing on any life or death adventures -- more like a toy for weekend jaunts. Still, it'd be nice to know that it can hold up to making kindling, thwacking dead branches down to size, and whatever else. If it failed I would be fine, but I'd rather not waste the money. Anybody know?

Well at least you've got it into perspective, not like the survival lot who want tough survival stuff and big survival knives for weekend jaunts. A lightweight hatchet is fine for most camping trips, far more useful than big technical looking 'survival knives'.
Doesn't need to be a top brand. None of my gear is and I've trekked and camped wild on five continents.
Desert, jungle, mountain, marsh, all with cheap or mid-price gear. Sell-everything stores have lightweight axes and hatchets for a few dollars.

A good meat cleaver is OK if you have an old one lying around unused in a kitchen drawer. Does all you mention and it's easy to handle for precise work too. Shredding wood into matchsticks for small kindling, shaving wood so it looks like a decoration with curved bits sticking out all over it...good for starting fires that way.
Here's one...brill for camping. You might find one in a charity or thrift shop for a couple of dollars. Some of them get lots of kitchen tools. Heavy meat cleavers, weigh a pound or so, chop through 1-inch bones easy. . . . . . .
Sharpening knives, hatchets, cleavers. . . . . . .
To get bigger dry branches down to size just swing them hard against a tree or a rock. It snaps the end off. Another swing snaps more off and so on. The shorter they get the harder it is.
Pick the bits up where they fall or even turn it into a game...try aiming to hit another tree with them as they fly off, go for distance, get them to drop onto a tarp fifteen feet away, whatever. All fun.

Or you could take a small folding pruning saw from a garden shop. Much cheaper than outdoor shops and do the job good. The saw blade folds into the handle.
Loads here from a few dollars. Still work OK. Mine is six years old, used weekly in the garden and often goes camping with me....$8 well spent. . . . . .
Have some good weekends.

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