Sog Gov Tac

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What kind of Sharpener Do I need ? (I want one for my house and on the go)?

I have couple knives and I am not used to taking care of them. The are all in brand new condition and never really used them. However, I would like to start learning how to use knives and how to sharpen them.

I have ....

1) SOG Seal pup Elite
2) SOG Gov Tac
3) Spyderco Police Model Stainless Combo Edge C07PS
4) Swiss Army pocket knife.
5) Few (one or two more) pocket knives.

I know SOG web site they have a sharpener for all of their knife product, but when I looked at places such as Amazon / Youtube, no one seems to be using it and everyone seems to be using something else...... Diamond / Triangle cut.. coarse, medium coarse, fine combo or individual kind, etc.. Its very confusing, any knife expert out there, please give some tip / advice ~!

I use a Gatco set like these. They cover most of the sharpening you'll ever need to do on most edges:;jsessionid=51ZJY5SNQ2FXTLAQBBKCCN3MCAEFKIWE?type=pod&id=0006453&rid=0123456789&cm_mmc=PPC-_-Google%20Non%20Brand-_-cam_Knives%20Tools_Sharpeners-_-gatco%20sharpeners&_requestid=153404

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