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Windows 7 Slow? - The Easiest Ways to Improve Computer Performance and Speed Up Windows 7!

Is your Windows 7 Slow? Do you know how to speed up Windows 7 easily but not pay much? Well, I think I can help you much! Comparing to Windows XP or Vista, Win 7 consumes more system resources such as memory, CPU usage and so on. In order to run win 7 smoothly, you need to know more about the hardware requirements of Win 7. I have tested several versions of Win 7 on desktops and laptops around my real store for days. And here are recommended hardware configure by me: • 1GHz CPU or More • At least 512MB of physical memory • 20GB HDD space If your PC is close to these demands but Windows 7 boot and run slow, it's time to do something now! And first of all, you should check if your computer is infected by virus or spyware using using anti-spyware and anti-virus softwares. By the way, Windows built-in a tool named Windows Defender can check for common spyware. Just I don't think it will be a good one for you. Defragment your hard disk to speed Windows 7 up Fragmentation makes your computer do extra jop that can slow down your windows 7. But defragment program places these files' blocks together, one by one on the hard disk. This process can obviously speed up the startup of windows 7, improves efficiency of windows operation system, enhances file access speed and so on. Also, there is a free built-in defragment utility in Windows. Don't let a damaged registry to make windows 7 run slower This is the most important and easiest way to speed up windows 7! Cleaning up invalid registry entries and fixing registry errors not only stop system from crashing, but also improve your computer performance. Unfortunately, Windows do not offer a registry optimizer for users. Luckily, there are dozens of registry softwares on the market. You can easy to buy a registry optimizer to improve your computer performance. If you have done everything but windows 7 is still slow, Click here to Select a Best PC Optimizer to get free errors scan for system problem now. Authour's Profile: Joey Chew is a computer technician with over 20 years in this field. He has an intimate knowledge of computer technology. After testing most of PC Optimizer on the market, he has created a comprehensive review site that details his findings. Computer technology review site: http://www.tweakforxp.com/fasterwindows7.htm.

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