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Red Flush Welcomes the Million Euro Grand Slam of Slots

The opportunity to become a millionaire has become a vivid and possible reality for thousands of people, with Microgaming’s introduction of the Grand Slam of Slots. Red Flush is proud to be participating in the event that will surely cast a shadow over any and all preceding slots tournaments.

The Grand Slam of Slots is surely the most anticipated online casino event of the year, if not the decade (perhaps even the Millennium) and it is just around the corner with the first tournament date set for the 22nd of October 2009. Online slots players and enthusiasts have waited for this day their entire lives, and perhaps didn't even realise that an event of this magnitude would ever be possible. People who have never stepped their virtual feet inside an online casino are changing their stripes for this prestigious event, and it is easy to understand why.

Only 9000 tickets have been made available to the Grand Slam of Slots to ensure that this event remains exclusive and sought after by all slot machine players across the globe. But even exclusivity comes at a price, so it is definitely not impossible for players to find their way to the Grand Finale. Red Flush Online Casino are only too excited to have access to a substantial portion of these golden passes and will soon be revealing the many ways in which players can attempt to get their hands on one.

It is an incredible notion to consider that each ticket is an opportunity to become a millionaire, and that all ticket holders have a 1 in 9000 chance of becoming the proud owner of one million Euros. The imminent arrival of the Grand Slam of Slots is causing quite a stir in the online casino community, and the buzz is only going to get louder as we approach the kick off date.

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