Steel Srk Survival

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Need Cold Steel Survival Knives?

It is best to carry a knife in the outdoors that is capable of doing the rough, hard jobs that may need to be done in an emergency situation. . There is no "one best survival knife" - many knives will do a great job. Here are some pointers on how to choose a good survival knife for you.Some of the knives topping the list from Cold Steel are: The Cold Steel Recon One folding tactical knife is the ultimate in durability and usefulness that is hard to beat. Designed from the ground up as a knife that will out perform almost all other tactical folders on the market these knives are great for cutting through a lot of different materials. Every Cold Steel Recon One comes straight from Cold Steel with a razor sharp edge that will last through the toughest conditions. Made from AUS 8A steel that is high in carbon and low in chromium these Recon One’s are tough, strong, have great edge holding ability, and are resistance to corrosion. Another feature that makes the Cold Recon One unique from other tactical folders is that they have a Triad locking mechanism. The Triad locks are designed to withstand great amounts of pressure without breaking. With extra space in the Triad Lock your knife will continue to operate safely even after long periods of use. The entire knife is held together with high strength mechanical fasteners that are heat treated for long lasting durability. Tomahawks are great for many uses from chopping to combat situations so having a tomahawk on your side will give you a great advantage. When looking for a wide variety of high quality tomahawks look no further than a Cold Steel Tomahawk. With over 10 different tomahawks you can be sure that you’ll find a tomahawk for almost every situation. All of the Cold Steel tomahawks are dropped forged from 1055 carbon steel giving them amazing durability that can handle some of the toughest things you can throw at them. Regarded as one of the best ways to manufacture a tomahawk, drop forging helps to minimize imperfections in the steel giving them unbelievable strength. All of the Cold Steel Tomahawks with the exception of the Trench Hawk are made from a durable Hickory handle increasing overall strength even further.The Kukri knife is native to the people of Nepal and has been used for years as a close combat melee knife and tool. Khukri knives are designed to fall on targets faster and more powerful than other knives because the blade on kukri is front heavy. The combination of the curved blade shape and weight distribution makes the Khukuri knives a great weapon and display piece for knife enthusiasts. The unique design of the kukris gives them a fierce look and also provides an advantage over straight blades because they don’t require the operator to angle their wrist in order to make an effective strike against an opponent. When looking to get your first, second or even completing a kukri collection, choosing a kukri by Cold Steel is sure to impress most knife enthusiasts. With many different kukri designs offered by Cold Steel choosing just one can be difficult. The Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Knife is designed to be an efficient weapon for stabbing and cutting with little effort.

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