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Paints and Refinishes for Steel Buildings

Steel buildings unlike the common perception do need essential cleaning, polishing, restoring and refinishing. Although 'stainless' steel has somewhat higher resistance to effects of weathering, wear and tear, UV exposure and other pollutants yet it does oxidize, corrode, pit and rust like other metal alloys. Therefore, paints and finish coatings can save your metal buildings from degradation. Metal acts as a good substrate to paint as unlike wood it does not crack and is dimensionally stable. Commonly, polyesters, silicone polyesters, organosols, plastisols, and flourocarbons are used for coating steel. Depending on the wear and tear, these can be re-coated. Before priming, you must ensure that the surface is clean and there is no dirt, grease or grime, mildew, chalk or rust. In case, any of the aforementioned contaminants are present, it must be abraded off by scrubbing or with the help of cleaners or bleach. Make sure to rinse off the chemicals before applying the first coat of paint over steel buildings. After the surface preparation, apply the primer with brush, roller or spray. It is recommended to go for a rust inhibitive primer. Allow the paint to dry for at least two hours before applying the final coat. Another way to guard your steel buildings from weather could be aluminum-zinc coating. One of the familiar composites used for steel coatings is Galvalume, consisting of 43.5% zinc, 55% aluminum, and 1.5% silicon. Replacing the galvanized steel roofs, galvalume suffices the need of lubricating oils and also increases the durability. Refinishing is usually needed to make the steel building surface smoother and shinier. There are varied processes, equipments and techniques undertaken during the factory finishing of  prefabricated panels and structures. Common processes include anodizing, blasting, buffing, polishing, electro-polishing, chemical finishing, deburring, deflashing, honing, mass finishing, passivation, pickling, sanding and grinding. A brief about all of them is as follows: Anodizing is basically a process that improves the alloy's ability toward resistance. It is usually undertaken for aluminum and aluminum-based alloys. Blasting is used for removing visible rust and contaminants on the metal with the use of a power sprayer or tumble chamber. Buffing & Polishing are primarily used for smoothening of metal surface. Chemical Finishing for improving surface adhesion. Deburring for rounding off corrugated corners. Deflashing removes those unnecessary lines formed during forging, casting or molding. Honing and Mass finishing are essentially for the smoothening processes. Electro-polishing makes use of the blended chemical electrolyte to rectify the flawed surfaces. Passivation is mostly undertaken during machining and fabricating so as to avoid “free iron” contamination. Before you get the final prefabricated panels and placards, it undergoes a slew of processes to make the steel buildings much more durable and long-lasting. However, painting and refinishing is equally significant to maintain the sheen of your prefab steel buildings . About the author: City Steel Buildings is an online portal that connects buyers and the sellers. It helps you clinch the best of the deals in your preferred area in US. Getting you connected with the experts, offers the free quotes with an absolutely No-obligation consultancy. © Copyright, All rights reserved. This Article is a Copyright of Republishing & syndication of this article is granted only with the due credit, as mentioned, retained in the republished article. Permission to reprint or republish does not waive any copyright. The text, hyperlinks embedded in the article and headers should remain unaltered. This article must not be used in unsolicited mail.

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